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il rivale di GTA č qui si chiama EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE il rivale di GTA

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Inviato il 10 febbraio 2021 - 10:17

I BREVETTI DI EVERYWHERE sotto qui il reddit


Explaining the content of the patents

As some of you may know, last week some patents related to Leslie Benzies and Build a Rocket Boy were discovered and published by some members of our Discord such as Razor, Wellgamer789, Wolf and me.

There were more than 200 pages with very interesting info, drawings and screenshots. After reading everything carefully and analyzing each paragraph and picture, Razor and I have reach some conclusions that I'm going to expose in this post.

First of all, from the 3 patents we got there are two important ones (one more than the other) and a third one that doesn't even matter.

Let's start with the big one. In this post we will focus on the images, because that's the important thing. The rest of the text is almost always talking about the pictures. As I can't post them here I will upload them do imgur, sorry for the inconvenient if you read this on your phone.


"System and method for providing a computer-generated environment"

It shows the game world, the playable character and a store from the outside. The player will be able to make purchases in-game. The purchases will be payed with virtual money or with real money. You will be able to buy REAL WORLD objects from in-game shops and stores.

It shows an object that you can buy or rent in the game or in the real world. Objects in the real world could be collectables.

From this stores you could buy things such as: clothes, shoes, (that could provide the player in-game benefits), vehicles (like a bicycle or a car), food (that could provide the player with more health or other benefits and advantages), appliances (they talk about kitchen appliances) etc.

When approaching to an object in the store a menu will pop up in the players screen so he can buy it. The menu could include other options such as rotating the object.

Object inspection. The camera will change from third person perspective to first person perspective.

The player could buy things directly from the street billboards. You could buy them from in game webs too. Player currency may be interchangeable between players.

This shows the game world and the playable character. There are two panels. One of them is a in-game screen and the other one is a menu. From the menu the player will be able to control things such as volume, screen size, screen position, opacity... You may control that menu and screen from your phone using a companion app.

The screen will broadcast live-streams, Netflix, films, music, other players gameplays... You name it. You can create a playlist too.

This shows a in-game TV that will act the same way as the screen in the last picture.

This image shows the in-game player wearing virtual reality glasses. With that animation the player will be transported to a second world (the virtual reality world).

This shows the player inside the virtual reality world. This world will have different elements so that the player can differenciate between the first world and the second world. There will be many game mods that will be accessible in the virtual reality world through doors, entrances etc. +

While you are in the virtual reality world your character in the first world will display an idle animation so that the other players know you are in the virtual reality world.

This image shows how in the virtual reality world the player may go to a cinema and watch a Netflix (for example) TV show or film through a Netflix API. This could be made with other players.

This shows three player screens at the same time.

The player on the top left image is watching a gameplay. He can choose between different players to watch and changing the camera too. While in spectator mode the player won't be killed or injured by any meanings.


The second patent talks about a multiplayer combat game from Build a Rocket Boy.

Although the patent itself does not explain much of the game, we do know that music will play a very important role, since it will govern the entire gameplay.

Depending on the rhythm of the music, the players will be able to go faster or slower, the weather may change (tornadoes and volcanoes are included), weapon drops may fall ... From the little that is explained in the patent it seems to be a battle royale, but that's just me guessing.

There will be two or more teams.

All the pictures are listed below:


Finally, we can talk about the third patent. This is not related to Everywhere or Build a Rocket Boy, but it is related to Leslie Benzies and his company called VR-Chitech.

The system that this patent describes consists of visualizing buildings before (or after) they are built. Through a miniature you can move to the room you want and view it in virtual reality.

Al the pictures are listed below:

articoli italiano fonti su Everywhere qui in basso:


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